Silicone Dummy Clip - Tan

Silicone Dummy Clip - Tan

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Save dummies from the floor with these cute, durable and safe dummy clips! Made with silicone beads on a tough satin nylon cord, our Dummy Clips are perfect for drooly, grubby bubs - simply wipe with a damp, lint-free cloth or a baby wipe and you’re good to go! Our design has been laboratory tested and certified so you can rest assured you are purchasing the best for your baby.

TO USE: Simply put the loop end through the handle of your child's dummy, thread the clip of the Confetti Clip through the loop so the dummy is held at the end of the loop, and attach the clip firmly to your child's clothing so the dummy can reach their mouth.

SAFETY: These are not intended to be used as teething toys. Please inspect before every use and discard at first sign of damage. Replace after 6 months. Please do not leave these items unattended with babies/children. Remove from clothing and store out of reach when child is sleeping. 

All our silicone range ( Bibs, dummy chains and teethers ) match perfectly! So you can choose the exact same colour or mix and match , the choice is yours xx